At the heart of a brilliant campaign lies a simple objective - win a consumer's heart and occupy his mind. As a full-suite branding service, specializing in digital marketing, Granda Media combines strategy, design, copy, advertising and research into creative brand consultancy.

In a media-fragmented world, we won't complicate your communication. We won't confuse your consumer. We prefer to go minimalistic in design, as well as copy. We'll cut the flab, save time,save your money and express deliver your message - pithy, punchy and kick-in-th-but.


Branding process is a proven and disciplined method for creating and implementing a brand. It is a rigorous process demanding a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence and project management skills. It requires an extra ordinary amount of patience an obsession for getting it right and an ability to synthesize vast amount of information.

The process is defined by distinct phases with logical beginning and ending points, which facilitate decision making at the appropriate intervals. Based on that, work developed in each phase will be shared with the Client through work-sessions and management presentations so both team are moving forward hand-in-hand bridging the different phases in a linear manner towards the final realization of the brand.

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